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Future Projects


TakeOut is a mobile app that aims to streamline the takeaway and coffee ordering process. Something that I do everyday is send a text message to my coffee shop when I am about 5 minutes away from arriving there. My phone knows where I am, how long it takes to walk to my coffee shop, and the time of the day that I like to order, so why not combine this information to automatically place my coffee order?

My phone can even recognise when I go to a place a few times. It can use this information to automatically create a reminder for me. No need for me to manually set up events.


QUT Nav - Campus Navigation in your pocket

QUT Nav is a iPhone app built for the Queensland University of Technology which aims to help new and international students find their way around the university.

QUT Nav App was designed by Tony Wang and built by Joshua Fuglsang in the first half of 2013.

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